August 22, 2016

About Us

Franklin-Hackett Ltd. is a boutique business change organisation delivering game-changing transformation through “Change Alchemy”. Alchemy is the magical transformation of an element from one state to another by the application of appropriate processes specific to that element. We believe that REAL transformation comes from fully realising the potential of the people within an organisation.

The missing ingredient in many traditional approaches to transformation is people. Our research and experience has shown us that developing people to play to their strengths as part of a game- changing team delivers outstanding benefits. By harnessing a fully- developed team to improve the work, we regularly see profound improvements in performance. And because these changes have been brought about as a result of developing the people, they are sustainable and repeatable.

Our Change Alchemy programme delivers game-changing transformation by developing your people to play to their strengths and improve their work as a game-changing team.