The recruitment industry today is at an unprecedented crossroads where only the best recruiters will survive into the future.

Be the one to beat the odds.

The picture is not pretty. 85% of HR decision makers admit to having made a bad hire at some point in the past and 2 in 5 of all new hires turn out to be bad hires within 18 months of the start of their employment. This equates to an alarming 40% of all new hires. 

The recruitment industry is facing its most significant challenge for decades - the issue of placing the wrong candidate into the wrong job.

To make matters worse, like it or not, this situation is negatively impacting how clients perceive you. New data shows over 50% of HR decision makers are becoming more reluctant to use Recruitment Agencies due to a perception that the cost is lower when hiring in-house. 

Now, more than ever, as professional recruiters you must differentiate yourselves within this challenging market to rise above these negative perceptions and come out on top with outstanding levels of client satisfaction.

But recruiters cannot produce better hires using the traditional assessment criteria.

Skills, Experience, Cultural Fit. These three elements are the backbone of our candidate assessment criteria but they’re also benign, safe and somewhat limiting. Our understanding of people is evolving considerably in the 21st century. Using these three elements is only giving you an incomplete picture of candidates.

These are analogue measures in a digital age.

Given that every recruiter is using a combination of these three elements to differentiate candidates, in order to make better hires, increase your competitiveness and differentiate yourself in the market, you need something else.

You need an additional criteria for assessing candidates that takes you further.

Discover The Power Of The GC Index®

The GC Index® is a revolutionary new organometic that profiles an individual’s proclivity for making a contribution to a team and organisation. It was created by Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher at The GC Index, and Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist – in collaboration with Management Expert, Professor Adrian Furnham.

Underpinned by a scientific framework it provides profound yet incredibly accessible insight into the potential impact of individuals within teams and their wider organisation.

It truly is a game-changer.

A Stronger "Yes"

Groundbreaking insight into the likely cultural fit and real world impact of candidates 

A Competitive Edge

Differentiate yourself in the market by producing better quality hires with long term staying power.

More Nuanced Profiling

Gain a 360 view that allows incredibly nuanced differentiation between candidates - even where they share similar skills, experience and cultural fit.

Five complimentary roles. Unprecedented power to understand the likely impact of candidates.

The Game Changer

Those individuals who see radical new ideas and ways of doing things that others don't

The Strategist

Those individuals who translate ideas into workable plans

The Implementer

Those individuals who get things done and “make things happen”

The Polisher

Those individuals who ensure “we do things in the best possible way”

The Play Maker

Those individuals who enable “the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts”

These complimentary proclivities manifest themselves in a wide variety of combinations within individuals, giving rise to a multitude of impacts. This is an incredibly powerful and nuanced view of individuals but also extremely simple to understand and highly relatable.

When used in recruitment, The GC Index® acts as an underpinning framework which enables you to practically articulate the impact and contribution of individual candidates as well as the required impact within a specific role or team.

So How Do I Use The GC Index® Framework?

It's really simple.

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Our White Paper "The Revolutionary Framework That's Transforming Candidate Selection" will provide you with full details of our revolutionary framework, including a Case Study and example selection process using The GC Index®.

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Gain Accreditation To Use The GC Index® Framework

We provide accreditation to your team allowing them to utilise The GC Index® framework as part of your candidate selection process.

Once accredited, your team will have all the knowledge required to use The GC Index®.

Start Using The GC Index® Framework

We will work with you to help you incorporate The GC Index® into your candidate selection framework. We then manage the candidate testing process, as well as providing detailed reports for each candidate you assess using The GC Index®.

It's really simple - you provide the candidates, we do the rest.

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