August 22, 2016

Alchemy – What Makes Us Different

Alchemy is the seemingly magical art of taking basic elements and applying special processes to them to transform them into something even better.

This is precisely what we do with your most important asset – your people. By applying carefully considered processes, we allow them to realise their FULL potential as individuals and flourish as a game-changing team, going on to deliver amazing innovation in the way work is designed and delivered. The result of this is profound and lasting transformation. Seemingly magical.

So for this reason, we like to call ourselves “Change Alchemists”. We aren’t too keen on being referred to as “consultants”. After all, some of the key criticisms often levelled at consultancy companies suggest they are inflexible, formal, stuffy or even patronising. 

At Franklin-Hackett Ltd. we offer something different. All of our Associate Alchemists have been employees and managers within organisations during their careers and know what it’s like to work within an internal culture. Collectively, all of us within Franklin-Hackett Ltd. have experienced consultancy companies, good and bad, from an internal perspective. We understand the fundamentals of the corporate experience. 

But the biggest thing that sets us apart is simple – our focus on people (who does the work) first and processes (how the work is designed and delivered) second.

Many consultancy companies who deal with organisational transformation usually focus purely on business process – you might hear it described as “the system” or “lean” or maybe something else. Some others focus purely on people – you might hear that described as “organisational development” or maybe something else.

We join people and processes together to ensure that the transformation is sustainable. By improving the way people think, heightening their self awareness and demonstrating how they can work together with others to deliver amazing results, we create an environment where innovation and improvement come from the people themselves, not the consultants. This means that you don’t need to rely upon consultancy to continue to deliver transformation. We show your people how they can do it for themselves.

We’re out to help you realise the potential of your people.

We are the original Organisational Change Alchemists.